Project Updates

Don’t Run – Official Selection at Horror Films in Hotlanta.

Following its selection at festivals including Austin After Dark and Oaxaca’s Global Script Challenge, Kirsten Stoddart’s Don’t Run has been announced as Official Selection at the 2019 Horror Films in Hotlanta festival in Georgia, USA.

Horror Films in Hotlanta

“Horror Films in Hotlanta, is a horror film festival in Atlanta, Georgia. This annual event showcases horror films from around the world. Atlanta has a great film scene in general, but also a dedicated horror film community that is eager to see new films. All flavors of horror are accepted including creatures, suspense, vampires, zombies, psycho killers, dark comedy, animation and other horrific situations that will make our audience jump.”

DR _HFIH Socials OSDon’t Run has enjoyed festival success this year, along with Jessie Kirby’s Becoming, which is also an Official Selection at Oaxaca.

Nominations for awards are announced soon – stay tuned.

For more information or for investment or co-production enquiries, please contact us.

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